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June 20, 2011

NMAI Intern: My First Impression

My name is Lea Toulouse Florentin and I am Anisinaabe from Serpent River First Nation, Ontario. I am a summer intern at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC, in the Office of Public Affairs. This is my first time in DC, and my first impression is positive: the tropical weather is exactly what I like, having lived most recently in Vancouver, British Columbia! People everywhere seem generally quite friendly and open in the city as well as in the museum. So far, I have learnt a lot about what goes on in Public Affairs, from marketing for exhibits and festivals, to researching media sources for particular projects. I am learning about the various responsibilities within the Public Affairs, learning so much from my supervisors, and having a great time as well. One of the exciting projects I have undertaken is photographing events. I took photos at the Indian Country/Country Indian concert, an event that showcased three talented Indigenous country singers. I am looking forward to the Choctaw Days festival that is fast approaching! Furthermore, there are several intern events that are happening during the summer such as Ice Cream Socials, various museum tours, and a trip to New York! I can’t wait to explore the NMAI and view more of their rich collection. On a different note, the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins Wednesday night, a devastating disappointment, as we were so close to the Cup! Although, what was more upsetting was the Vancouver riots that followed the game. The Vancouver I know is a beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and the ocean, a city that is usually more peaceful. Nevertheless, I am in DC far away from all that, excited for the adventures ahead.

NMAI Interns: (Left to right) John Francis, Lea Toulouse, Camille Tyndall, Arley Donovan.

 Photo by Leonda Levchuk.


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I am commenting about your comment on the recent riots in Vancouver when they lost the Stanley Cup. If you look at some of the YouTube footage on this event you will see people actually defending property that wasn't their own against the looters. And then there was the Sorry Wall with people's apologies written on the construction boards of The Bay building downtown. Personally I have never seen any other city do this. The riot was completely uncharacteristic of Vancouver.

Wow. You've got a good place for internship. Have fun and enjoy while feeding your mind in there.

Its real great to see our Native Canadians exploring outside avenues as you have with your internship.
Being able to shed some light on the opportunities available to our future generation Anisinaabe.
Our education is important and the opportunites are available to all natives in all fields. Good Luck and Baamaapii

great article thanks for the read good info,
just for your fyi

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