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January 19, 2011

Double Jeopardy!

NMAI on Jeopardy 4

This December, the National Museum of the American Indian was a category on Jeopardy!, the quiz show.  It was amazing to watch the contestants strategically avoid the NMAI category.

NMAI on Jeopardy 2
I guess the other subjects—“Places in the Bible”, “Movie Names”, “The Rat Pack”, “Play Penners,”and “Five-Letter Words”—were more familiar. 

NMAI on Jeopardy
The players avoided our category until every other clue was gone, then ran out of time before they could get to the $2000 NMAI question. 

NMAI on Jeopardy 3
Leonda Levchuk and Molly Stephey from the NMAI Public Affairs Office worked with the producers of Jeopardy! to create videotaped clues from the museum on the National Mall. They also signed paperwork swearing that they wouldn’t give away the answers—er, questions—in advance. After the show aired, Leonda and Molly asked the producers to send us a copy of the tape so that we could share it with you. I’ve edited it to get right to the NMAI part.  

Watch the video below.



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Very funny and light quiz show ... I'm lovin it ...

I love this show! Thank you for posting such an interesting article. I would like to see more like this!


Wow Nice

So love jeopardy. It has always been my favorite game show when I was a child.


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This is a nice show and realized in different formats by different nations in the world, excellent.
I used to watch this show everyday. It was very entertaining. Sadly, I don't have local channels anymore.

Nice post, thanks. This would turn me into an avid blog reader.

Have a nice day.

Thanks for sharing, I have watch this show many times and although you do learn new things it really makes you feel stupid lol.

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Good game, the video is fun but is too bad that players did not choose the NMAI category until there was no choice.


Great article, I love Jeopardy and who wants to be a millionaire.

Very good article indeed. Keep the good work going on. But this is very interesting post

Jeopardy is one of my favorite game i love other than KBC. Thank u for such an informative post. Expecting more
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It is a shame that the majority of Americans are ignorant of the history of Native Americans. I also think it's true that we are largely unaware of the plight of modern day Native Americans.

Interesting and telling example of this on Jeopardy

It's really good to see they have created this game. And they have helped a few people for this.
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NMAI has one of the most extensive collections of Native American arts and artifacts in the world!


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Some categorys are much more excepted than other people. And in a game like this you see that in full swing.lots of visitors will not have an opportunity to strengthen on their expertise now that the Resource Center has been dismantled.

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Jeopardy is such a funny show, thanks very much for bringing back the memories! Southampton Locksmiths

This quiz show is very very fun! The NMAI category is helpful for contestants and audience to learn more interesting facts...

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Great post. I'm glad to see people are still interested in Jeopardy. Thank you for an interesting read.

Nice post, Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you very much for your post.
Its pretty interesting. I appreciate your blogs and look forward for your next blog.

This game is very good. It is a good contribution to the knowledge of the history of indigenous peoples. It should be something similar with other groups.

I really like your post hope to read more from you.

I have not yet had the opportunity to visit the National Museum of the American Indian, but just to see the show Jeopardy, go to the museum because I do not want to miss this show, I think I'll go with my family

Jeopardy is one of the few games I love other than Who wants to be a millionaire? It's really good to see they have created this game.
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After watching the video, I found the quiz show was really fun and interesting. The NMAI questions are very interesting and challenging. It's obvious that the players avoid the catagory. Anyway, I think the catagory gives contestants and audience knowledge and facts so it's very useful and helpful.


Risk is one of the few activities I like other than Who wants to be a millionaire? It's really great to see they have designed farmville. And they have aided a few persons for this.

IBM's Watson would have done fine with the category!

- MA

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Interesting videos!

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Interesting...it's great that you have videos on this post so I don't have to do much reading. Just by reading the post didn't make much sense but the videos helped solved that. Thanks, Mick Tango

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haha love this gameshow!

Alexander Davis

Ha! I miss this game because I always have bad luck for choices and answers.
Blogger tony

I'm from Puerto Rico and everyone loved this show over here. I like the way people here gets so tense on that quiz show.

something original!

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