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December 13, 2010

Introducing the Museum's New Feathered Friend . . .

Hawk 1

For the past several months, the staff here at NMAI have been enjoying their own personal nature documentary. It seems a red-tailed hawk has decided to call NMAI his/her home (no confirmation yet on the bird's gender).

To welcome the hawk, staffer Gail Joice sponsored a naming contest for the perfect Native American moniker. The contest resulted in a tie. So, without further ado, we'd like to introduce you to Palakwayo-Kwidinok, or Pal for short. (Palakwayo means "red-tailed hawk" in the Hopi language, and kwidinok means "of the wind" in Cheyenne.)

Hawk 5

Last week, several colleagues noticed a rather large number of feathers swirling around the museum's plaza. Turns out Palakwayo-Kwidinok was just enjoying his lunch: a pigeon.

Hawk 3

We'll keep you posted on Pal's activities. In the meantime, we thought you'd enjoy these photos!

Photos by NMAI's Travis Helms (Seldovia Village Tribe)


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Its such a treasure when a red hawk adopts you. They want to thank you and Mother Earth for their existence. I will enjoy from a distance this new friend, Pals and in the Spring what a story should unfold! Here in Cleveland, Ohio; we have watch for almost 10 yrs a story of Peregriane Falcons on the terminal tower downtown, Cleveland.

For me being a pigeon racer, hawks are a huge problem during a race. However that's just instinct and they are still beautiful magnificent creatures. I just wish they would stay away from my pigeons lol :)

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