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September 02, 2010

Installation: complete!

Install1 Install3 
 Installers worked on creating a faux concrete surface while it was pouring rain outside last week.

The installation of HIDE, part 2, with Michael Belmore began last week during a torrential rain storm in New York. The new work, Dark Water, needed some final touches, including very through waxing and polishing. Michael’s partner, Mary Anne Barkhouse, the exhibition designer, Barbara Suhr, and I were happy to pitch in and give our arms a workout while the platforms for the work were completed by our preparators, including creating a faux concrete floor for Flux.  Dark Water was assembled on Friday and is even more dramatic than I expected. This week we placed and hung the photographic work, installed the labels, cleaned the galleries and worked with the lighting designer to get everything just right. We're looking forward to Michael's public program on September 16th at 6pm. Mark your calendars!

Install2 Install4

Michael Belmore and Mary Anne Barkhouse work on the finishing touches of Dark Water.


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