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October 13, 2009

Curator Trek


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So I’ve just returned from the University of Exeter in the UK where I was an invited speaker for the workshop, De-Placing Future Memory.  It was quite a trek, right in the middle of editing madness as I’m completing work on my next exhibition catalogue, HIDE.  It is hard to turn down an invitation to speak to a new audience about contemporary Native American art, or to participate in a stimulating dialogue about art—or in this case, the intersection of memory, place and art. Curators wear many hats at the NMAI.  Sure, we research and build the collection, organize exhibitions, and write for our various publications.  But we are often called upon to be the face of the museum, well outside of the museum.  As a curator of contemporary Native art, I always take these opportunities to introduce or promote Native art seriously, even when they aren’t that convenient.



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Hi Kathleen, I always have high respect for curators. I think they have extraordinary taste of art and beauty, it's fascinating.

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