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September 12, 2009

First in anticipation and then in reality

"The coming... was so very near at hand that first in anticipation and then in reality it became henceforth [the] prime object of interest." J. Austen, Emma

(Five weeks out. It’s a hive of activity.)

It must be italian
Fragile. It must be Italian. Objects of interest: the first crates of Brian Jungen’s pieces, on loan from museums, galleries, and privates lenders, have arrived.

Scissor lift
Scissor lift
at rest. The hook from which Crux will be hung is being installed.

Demolition. Dry wall and spackle. The changing exhibitions gallery regenerating for Strange Comforts.


Michael Jordan was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame yesterday.

Video of the installation of an amazing piece, Waste Not, by Beijing-based artist Song Dong, at our museum neighbors to the north. (And more images from that exhibition.)


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