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July 23, 2009

Intern Discussion Series by Naomi Bishop

Interns at board room table blog


June 12- Kevin Gover (Comanche/ Pawnee), Director of the National Museum of the American Indian. Kevin talked about the philosophy behind the upcoming exhibition on treaties opening in 2012. He spoke about native people and their responses to the museum, as well as the general public's response to the museum, and, the challenges for the future in presenting the topic of treaties. He also discussed the main ingredients for making treaties. The ingredients he presented were, tribal agency and tribal consent. Because all tribes are not the same, Indian policy can't be customized to one-size-fits-all policy.

June 26- Mary Jane Lenz, Museum Specialist. She talked about her work in the museum, both before it became a part of the Smithsonian, and after.

July 2- Dr. Gabrielle Tayac (Piscataway), Historian. She lead a discussion on the upcoming NMAI panel exhibition entitled, “Indivisible: African-Native American Lives in the Americas." The exhibit begins November 10, 2009 and runs through May 31, 2010, at NMAI on the National Mall. This 20-panel banner exhibition focuses on the interactions between African American and Native American people, especially those of blended heritage. It also sheds light on the dynamics of race, community, culture, and creativity, and addresses the human desires of being and belonging. With compelling text and powerful graphics, "IndiVisible" includes accounts of cultural integration and diffusion, as well as the struggle to define and preserve identity.


July 16- This week at our intern brown bag discussion we met with Dr. Jose Barreiro (Taino), Assistant Director for Research and Cynthia Vidaurri, Research Unit Manager. Both Cynthia and Jose were amazing speakers. They shared not only about working at the museum, but also about their personal lives. It was a meeting full of advice for the interns. Cynthia shared some advice from one of her mentors that I really liked. She said, "do the good work and the career will follow." Jose shared words of wisdom about attaching the heart to the mind. I especially appreciated his words, because in the museum world, I think people many times don't see or feel the connection of the heart and mind. Part of the Smithsonian Institution's mission is to increase and diffuse knowledge. In my eyes, this means attaching the heart and mind in all exhibits, projects, and work.


by Naomi Bishop


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J'aimerai parler avec un indien sur des sujet religieux et autres.
Est-ce quelquun pourrait m'aider svp.
Si vous pourriez éventuellement me donné une adresse mail pour pouvoir discuter ça
me ferai plaisir.
Sincères Salutations. Salut!

Sounds like it was a good week. Working hard is always a smart thing to do.

How in the world can you get everyone to agree on the specifics of the treaties for each tribe....interesting read. Thanks

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